Energy Week
Energy Week
221- Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. Clash Over Oil

221- Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. Clash Over Oil

Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. Clash Over Oil, Yemen as Rift Grows

- "Once close friends, the two biggest Arab economies are increasingly competing for money and power"

- Will the UAE leave OPEC? 

- Doubtful because UAE benefits more by staying in OPEC

- They like people to think that they are talking about leaving

- UAE has spare capacity

Forget Peak Oil Demand: A Thirst for Barrels Puts $100 in View

- Will China's demand push oil to $100?

- Amin Nasser of Aramco says demand will outstrip supply soon-ish (maybe H2)?

- Recession in the West and not in the East?

- Is a recession really coming? Mixed indicators.

- It isn't in OPEC's interest to have a recession or runaway oil prices.

Energy Week
Energy Week
Ellen Wald and Ryan Ray discuss the week's events in energy, and what it all means to you.