Energy Week
Energy Week
228 - OPEC cuts | China drills second deepest well

228 - OPEC cuts | China drills second deepest well

Commodities Slide as Investors Bet on Economic Slowdown

- if prices trend down to the $60s or $50s by October then Shale producers might curb production plans

Saudi Arabia Springs 1 Million b/d Cut in Opec Megadeal

- will Aramco take oil from storage if customers want more oil than they have available from production?

Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Output After OPEC Members Clash Over Quotas

- Angola vs. Saudi Arabia over a reduction in baseline quotas

- 2024 new baseline quotas that more accurately reflect capacity

What oil production cuts were agreed at OPEC+ meeting?,a%20combined%2040.46%20million%20bpd

- Does OPEC know something about China's demand that the rest of the market doesn't?

China is drilling a 10,000-meter-deep hole into the Earth

- "The project will provide data on the Earth’s internal structure, while also testing deep underground drilling technologies, according to China National Petroleum Corp., which is spearheading the project."

- Is this REALLY just a scientific and technical venture? Or is it cover for something military?

- How much oil and gas would they have to get out of 457 days of drilling?

- could it be for rare earths like lithium?

An Inflexible EPA Rule Will Hamper Goals to Reduce Methane Emissions

Energy Week
Energy Week
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